Best Vintage Stores in Milan

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Vogue’s list to the best vintage stores in Milan is part of our global directory of the greatest vintage, curated by editors from around the world. Whether you’re traveling and looking for great stores to visit or just interested about your local vintage treasures, Vogue’s directory has got you covered.

Vintage exists outside the fashion sphere, beyond trends. It can reflect a longing for regeneration, the transformation of the old into the new, or, more poetically, the realization of youthful fantasies. There’s nothing better than purchasing the clothing or accessory you’ve wanted since you were a teen and spent hours perusing magazines. But where does the best vintage actually live? Fashion capitals, of course.

Milan is currently a hub of vintage activity. Milan’s vintage boutiques, tucked away in gorgeous urban postcards, behind Piazza Castello, or just a stone’s throw from the San Lorenzo Columns, are a must-see destination for visitors who want to experience Milan fashion. To narrow down the city’s vintage highlights, we’ve put up Vogue’s guide to the greatest vintage in Milan, picked with the help of our Italian Vogue editors.

Madam Pauline Vintage
The vast wonders of Madame Pauline Vintage are a treasure trove for vintage enthusiasts and collectors of cheeky retro items. The shop entices every generation with its wares, making it a must-see destination for both socialites and It girls, as well as immaculate ladies of Milanese style—you know the ones: silver hair, brooch on the breast, and heirloom bag on the wrist. With carefully selected items, the company also offers unique collections, such as Bandana, a favorite among Madame’s most loyal customers.

Cavalli & Nastri Vintage

Cavalli e Nastri is a renowned vintage store in Milan, known for its archive materials, colors, and inspirations. The store offers a fashion history tour, featuring 1920s hats by Louise Brooks, 1950s housemaid Corolle skirts, and the opulent 1990s Versace collection. The boutique, a mecca for designers and stylists, has the intimacy of a tea salon, with quiet music, shapes, and colors.

Franco Jacassi’s Vintage Delirium

Franco Jacassi’s Vintage Delirium, located in an old Milan courtyard and outfitted with period furniture, opened in 1985 and now boasts one of the world’s largest collections of vintage apparel. Aside from that, it’s a treasure trove for fashion researchers, with a substantial selection of couture and vintage fabrics; the store also has a magnificent button collection with over 50,000 designs, as well as a comprehensive archive of periodicals, buckles, antique appliqués, and more.

Vincent Vintage Bijoux.

At Vincent Vintage Bijoux in Porta Venezia, Manuel Menini curates a vast collection of vintage and costume jewelry, with a focus on the Georgian era. The boutique is a must-see for jewelry enthusiasts, with theatrical displays that bring each piece to life. For those longing for the Golden Age of jewelry, the store offers British and 19th-century styles.


A place for all individuals (of any age!) going through their teenage rebellion phase.Groupies is a nonconformist’s heaven. The boutique specializes in street style, with an emphasis on the 1990s and 2000s. Between printed short-sleeved shirts and PVC bijoux straight out of our childhood manga dreams, it’s the ideal location to go shopping for fun.

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